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Step 1: Oath

We're glad to see that you are interested in becoming an eJuror. Being an eJuror can be an intriguing and enjoyable experience. It is also, however, serious business involving real cases and real people. It is therefore necessary that you complete an Oath, just as you would if you were serving actual jury duty.

Your Oath should not be taken lightly. We are relying upon your Oath and the information you provide during this sign-up to grant you consent to access our computer server and the cases posted thereon. Pursuant to Chapter 33 (Computer Crimes) of the Texas Penal Code, access to a computer system through consent obtained by deception or consent used for a purpose other than that for which the consent is given is a criminal offense. Classification of such an offense ranges from a Class B Misdemeanor to a 1st Degree Felony. Signing-up as an eJuror under false pretenses may also carry certain civil penalties and liabilities.

We do not want this Oath to deter people who are interested in becoming an eJuror for legitimate reasons. If you have concerns or questions you would like to discuss with us before you take this step, please feel free to e-mail us at info@ejury.com or call us as (541) 508-5277 during normal business hours. Your registration will not be accepted unless you are able to swear and affirm to each term below.

1. I swear and affirm that I am not an actively practicing attorney, paralegal, or legal assistant. I am not employed by an attorney or a law firm, nor am I related to a practicing attorney within the first degree by affinity (marriage) or within the second degree of consanguinity (blood).  I am not employed as an insurance adjuster, nor am I associated, in any form or fashion, with the adjusting of liability claims.

I CANNOT swear and affirm
I swear and affirm

2. I swear and affirm that I will not knowingly disclose, or permit to be disclosed, any information I learn or obtain from eJury.com to any attorney, paralegal, legal assistant, law firm, insurance adjuster, insurance company, or anyone associated with an attorney, paralegal, legal assistant, law firm, insurance adjuster, or insurance company, except through the answering of case questions directly on the eJury.com website.

I CANNOT swear and affirm
I swear and affirm

3. I swear and affirm that all of the information I provide under Step 2 (Identity Verification) and Step 3 (Demographic Profile) below is truthful and accurate.

I CANNOT swear and affirm
I swear and affirm

4. I swear and affirm that I have read, understand, and agree to the Terms and Conditions for eJurors.

I CANNOT swear and affirm
I swear and affirm

Step 2: Identity Verification

The following information will NOT be revealed to the participating attorneys. It allows us process payments for completed verdicts and send you e-mail notices that new cases have been posted. Most importantly, it enables us to verify that you are who you say you are.

First Name:   You will use this to login
Last Name:   You will use this to login
Street Address:
Email:   How will we use it?
Drivers License Number:   Why do we ask for this?
Area Code / Phone Number:
Who can we thank for referring you:

A password is required to login as an eJuror and review cases. Please supply a password with a minimum of 6 characters. You may wish to write your password down and save it somewhere for future reference.

Password:   You will use this to login

Step 3: Demographic Profile

The following information WILL be revealed to the attorneys. It is very similar to the information you would provide on an actual Jury Summons, and it helps the attorneys know more about you without having to reveal your actual identity.

Year of Birth: (4 digit year, e.g. 1965)
Marital Status:
Spouse's Occupation:
Number of Children:
Your Place of Birth: City: State:
Political Party Affiliation:
Lived in County Since: (4 digit year, e.g. 1990) Please note: we're asking for "County"...not "Country"
Education Level:
Household Income Level:

Step 4: Submit

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