Please Note - Our Conflicts Policy prevents us from posting the same case for a different attorney. We therefore suggest that you Contact Us prior to preparing your case to make sure a conflict is not already present. Cases are posted on a "first come, first served" basis.

Your Case Submission will consist of 3 parts which you prepare as a word processing document (MS Word or WordPerfect) on your computer:

  1. Facts: Prepare the Facts of your case from the perspectives of each party or side in order to insure accurate responses. A typical format in a two-party case begins with "Facts from the Plaintiff's Perspective" followed by "Facts from the Defendant's Perspective." Sometimes an introductory paragraph, such as "Background Information," is warranted. The facts should read much like an opening statement, combined with argument where needed. Protect the identities of the parties and witnesses by using fictitious names or first names only. You should try to keep the combined total length of all facts to no more than 5* single-spaced pages. View Sample
  2. Jury Questions: Prepare up to 5* Jury Questions. In some jurisdictions these are referred to as "Verdict Questions" or "Verdict Form." Use the same Jury Questions you would use at trial. Include definitions such as "Negligence" and "Proximate Cause." Include any special instructions such as for negligence per se, but do not include admonitory instructions such as "you will not decide the answer to a question by lot or by drawing straws." View Sample
  3. Personal Questions: Draft up to 5* Personal Questions in order to follow up on the jury questions or to address specific aspects of your case, such as: "If there was a particular area of the facts you wanted to know more about, what was it, and why?" Or, "What was important to you in deciding who was negligent or responsible?" View Sample
  4. * additional pages of facts, jury questions, and/or personal questions are available for additional charge.

Once completed, send your Case Submission as an e-mail attachment to We will confirm receipt and contact you before posting. Please provide your contact information and additional information regarding your case through one of the two links below: