By submitting a case to eJury, you acknowledge your agreement to the following Terms and Conditions:
  1. Parties: These terms and conditions represent an agreement by and between eJury, L.L.C. (hereinafter referred to as "eJury") and each attorney (hereinafter referred to as "Attorney") submitting a case to eJury.
  2. Obligations of eJury: eJury agrees to post on this Site the Facts, Jury Questions, and Personal Questions submitted by Attorney to eJury. Furthermore, eJury agrees to keep same posted until such time as a total of 50 E-verdicts have been returned by persons reviewing cases (hereinafter referred to as "eJurors") on this Site, unless a smaller or larger total has been agreed to by eJury and Attorney. Once the total number of E-verdicts have been returned, eJury agrees to provide Attorney with each individual E-verdict and an E-verdicts Summary showing the statistical information such as the average total verdicts separated by demographics and elements of damage, where applicable.
  3. Obligations of Attorneys: Attorney agrees to follow the instructions for case submission as set forth on this site, and to pay eJury the prices outlined on the then current Price List for case submission as set forth on this site.
  4. Protection of eJury's Proprietary Information: Attorney agrees that the information on this Site, including the process by which it functions as a service to attorneys or others, is proprietary in nature. Attorney also acknowledges that certain information on this Site is protected by copyright(s) and trademark(s). Attorney will not publish, post, distribute, disseminate or otherwise utilize any proprietary information on this Site for financial gain without express authorization of eJury.
  5. Protection of Identity of eJurors: Attorney understands and agrees that the names and identities of persons serving as eJurors are confidential and that such persons shall remain anonymous to Attorneys. Attorney agrees not to take any action to discover the identities of persons serving as eJurors, and not to attempt any contact or communication with persons serving as eJurors.
  6. Protecting the Identities and Factual Positions of Persons, Parties, and Witnesses involved in the Cases: Attorney agrees to use incomplete or fictitious names of clients, parties, and witnesses for the protection of the identities of the persons or businesses involved. In the event a real name is used, or in the event eJurors are able to discern or discover the real name of a person, business, or witness identified in a case submitted by Attorney, Attorney acknowledges that the information and facts displayed about Attorney's case are only factual positions which are taken as a matter of trial preparation, and may not be accurate, or may later be proven at trial to be completely inaccurate. Attorney agrees that eJury shall have editorial control over the information that Attorney submits to be posted, such that eJury may rightfully refuse to post certain information, or limit, change, or modify certain information.
  7. Protecting the Opinions of eJurors from Discovery by Opposing Attorneys: Attorney acknowledges that Attorney has asked eJury and the eJurors participating on this Site to act as "consultants" for Attorney, by providing information, including opinions, answers, comments, and/or suggestions. Attorney further acknowledges that although eJury and the eJurors are functioning as "consultants," they are not employees of the Attorney. eJury and Attorney agree that the factual statements contained within cases on this Site are not to be construed as admissions, as they are experimental statements from various perspectives intended only to test the perception of the eJurors participating on this Site.
  8. Hold Harmless: eJury will take reasonable steps to insure that information submitted by Attorney which is posted to this Site is only accessed by appropriate persons. Attorney acknowledges, however, that unauthorized or inappropriate access to this Site is always a possibility, despite precautions. Attorney agrees to release and hold harmless eJury, its employees, agents, and all registered eJurors, from all liability, responsibility, or damage which may occur from unauthorized or inappropriate access to this Site and/or the information submitted by Attorney.
  9. No Guaranteed Results: Attorney understands and acknowledges that eJury has not guaranteed, warranted, or represented that the E-verdicts returned on this Site will be the same or similar result that Attorney achieves at trial. Although eJury is providing a large sampling of opinions, results at trial may be substantially different depending on changes or exclusions of facts or evidence, rulings from the Bench, performance of witnesses and attorneys, etc.
  10. Complete Agreement: These Terms and Conditions represent the complete agreement between eJury and Attorney with respect to the subject matter stated herein, and supersedes any other written or oral agreements. Attorney understands and agrees that eJury may amend or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. Attorney's continued participation by submitting cases to eJury shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by Attorney of the then current Terms and Conditions (including any amendments, modifications, or new conditions) as published on this Site.