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  1. Parties: These terms and conditions represent an agreement by and between eJury, L.L.C. (hereinafter referred to as "eJury") and each person participating in the review of cases on this Site, known as an eJuror, who is referred to in the paragraphs below as "I" or "me".
  2. Obligations of eJury: I understand and acknowledge that eJury will issue payment to me in exchange for my participation in the review of cases, answering of questions, and providing of comments. I acknowledge that such payment is limited to the amount designated as "eJuror Pay" at the beginning of each case. I agree that I can only participate in each case once, and that I am only entitled to one payment per case. I understand and agree that payments will only be made for completed verdicts and that eJury is not responsible for payment of incomplete verdicts which lack adequate responses due to lack of effort or technical errors.
  3. Obligations of eJurors: I agree to register my correct name and U.S. postal mailing address on this Site. I acknowledge that eJury is not responsible for payments not received or not negotiable because of my failure to register my correct name or U.S. Postal mailing address. I agree that I will use reasonable efforts when reviewing cases, answering questions, and providing comments.
  4. Ending Participation: I acknowledge that I have a right to end my participation at any time by either: 1) sending notice via e-mail to that I no longer wish to receive e-mail notifications of new cases, or 2) simply not returning to this Site.
  5. Losing my Privilege to Participate: I agree that eJury may terminate my access to this Site, and/or limit or deny my participation in the review of cases on this Site, at any time, and without prior notice, for any reason, including my failure to abide by these Terms and Conditions.
  6. Protection of eJury's Proprietary Information: I agree that the information on this Site, including the process by which it functions as a service to attorneys, is proprietary in nature. I also acknowledge that certain information on this Site is protected by copyright(s) and trademark(s). I will not publish, post, distribute, disseminate or otherwise utilize any proprietary information on this Site for financial gain (other than for the eJuror pay described in Section 2 above) without express authorization of eJury.
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  8. Protecting the Identities and Factual Positions of Persons, Parties, and Witnesses involved in the Cases: I understand that incomplete or fictitious names are used in the cases on this Site for the protection of the identities of the persons or businesses involved. In the event a real name is used, or in the event I am able to discern or discover the real name of a person, business, or witness identified in one of the cases on this Site, I acknowledge that the information and facts displayed about any given case are only factual positions which are taken as a matter of trial preparation, and may not be accurate, or may later be proven at trial to be completely inaccurate.
  9. Protecting the Opinions of eJurors from Discovery by Opposing Attorneys: I acknowledge that I have been asked to provide my opinions, answers, comments, and/or suggestions as a consultant for the attorney who has submitted the case in question to eJury, although I am not an employee of the attorney, nor an employee of eJury. I intend for my opinions, answers, comments, and/or suggestions on each case to be communicated only to the employees of eJury and the particular attorney submitting the case in question.
  10. Not Legal Advice: I understand and acknowledge that, although this Site involves attorneys, cases, and certain aspects of the law, this Site does not provide legal advice. Furthermore, I am not relying upon any of the information contained on this Site for legal advice.
  11. Complete Agreement: These Terms and Conditions represent the complete agreement between eJury and myself with respect to the subject matter stated herein, and supersedes any other written or oral agreements. I understand and agree that eJury may amend or modify these Terms and Conditions at any time. My continued participation as an eJuror shall be deemed to constitute acceptance by me of the then current Terms and Conditions (including any amendments, modifications, or new conditions) as published on this Site.